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Gordon Power has assisted and raised capital for over 250 businesses, many of whom are industry specialists in their field.


IntentHQ is a software business that specialises in AI and machine learning that uncovers timely and relevant customer insights and is able to predict with high levels of accuracy next actions. IHQ serves telecoms industry worldwide. Gordon is Chairman of IHQ and since his appointment IHQ has increased turnover fifteen-fold.

Mawdsleys BER specialises in the design, manufacture and repair of rotating electrical equipment, including AC and DC motors. Motor rewinds and repairs are carried out in our extensive workshops in Bristol. Gordon and Patricia are investors in BER. Gordon is a Director of BER and Patricia provides PR services.  Since GPPEL’s involvement BER has seen a ten-fold increase in turnover.


Coolabi is a leading independent international media group and rights owner specialising in the creation, development and brand management of children’s and family intellectual property rights. Gordon was a director until the sale to Talenthouse AG in 2022 achieving a one point six times return on capital invested.


Snack Media is a leading independent sports digital media company with over 26 million sports fans. Snack specialises in multi-channel content creation, distributed at scale. Through data driven engagement strategies Snack creates authentic connections between brands and fans. Gordon was a Director until the sale to Valent Inc in 2022 achieving an eighty seven times return on capital invested.

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